The New Standard
For Dump Truck Tickets

Automatic Ticket Scanning, Storing,
and Sharing

Get access to the simplest ticketing sharing platform for dump trucks and freight hauling.

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    with Machine Learning

    The load ticket source or truck driver can easily send the ticket information to our Advanced Platform via E-mail, API, or a Fleet Management App that has integrated with us.

    We have combined Machine Learning with
    Developer Friendly APIs and Human Friendly Interfaces to create the simplest Ticketing
    Sharing Platform for Trucking.

    with Enterprise Security

    No more handing tickets from human to human passing germs or viruses or unsafely at the construction site.

    Once the Load Tickets are in our Platform, your Ticket Information is Automatically Encrypted at Rest with Enterprise-grade Durability and Massively Scalable Storage.

    with Intelligent Rules

    Automagically share the tickets with the appropriate trucking partners, customers, construction project managers, and client inspectors.

    Or set up a project or job for incoming tickets to be shared to a predetermined set of people.